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The benefits of search engine optimization are countless. Anyone even considering using SEO needs to keep in mind one question: do you want your website to be seen or not?

There are various methods to getting your website seen. These can include posters, flyers, and displaying the site address on television and social media. These are all perfectly valid methods; however, these are marketing methods. There is an entire market looking for your product that doesn’t even need to be marketed towards; they are already there. This market is using search engines.

Search engines use algorithms to decide which websites to display first. This means that search engines use a specific program to search for sites that line up best with the specified program, and display these sites first. This is important. It means that wherever your site is listed in the context of a search, that is where it came up through the search engine’s program. Changing your site by including specific key words, key word counts, and links on the site will affect the site’s position in the displays on a search engine. Results on the first page of a search engine are going to be more prominent than results on the second or third, let alone ten or twenty pages in.

The way SEO benefits you and your site is in displaying your site earlier in the search. People searching for a specific term are already looking for that term; they don’t need any extra prodding to get them to look for it, it is what they want to look at to begin with. On the other hand, competing sites are also looking to get page views from searches. Those that come up first may not even be the best results; one-hundred percent of the time, the sites that come up first are either those best optimized or those that have paid the search engine to display their site first.

Search engine optimization will get your site shown more readily than if you don’t optimize. An entire market of consumers is looking specifically for your content, and unless you optimize, this market will not readily see your site. Maximizing key word usage and linking specific pages within your site increases your site’s prominence and its ability to be seen by customers. Without using SEO, people will only be able to see your site by typing in the address. This is awkward and unnecessary; optimize, and be seen.